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Statistics 351
Statistics for Business and Economics II


Name: Chris Bilder
Office: Dickens 9B
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-1PM 
Virtual Office Hours: Wed. 7-8PM at www.ksu.edu/stats/tch/bilder/stat351/chat
Help Session: Dickens 4
Hours: Click here for the full schedule
STAT 351 Homepage: www.ksu.edu/stats/tch/bilder/stat351
Personal Homepage: www-personal.ksu.edu/~bilder
E-mail: bilder@stat.ksu.edu

bulletE-mail me only questions concerning your status in the class (i.e. questions about your grade, if you are going to be absent from class, etc...) 
bulletPost to the message board questions that other students in the class can benefit from reading the answer to (i.e. questions about homework, projects, etc...) 

Required resources

Sincich, Terry (1996), Business Statistics by Example, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.     

Boudreau, Nancy S. (1996), Student Solutions Manual for Business Statistics by Example, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.   

A packet of Statistical Tables may be obtained from the Arts & Sciences copy center (Eisenhower 011)

A How to with Microsoft Excel for Windows packet may be obtained from the Arts & Sciences copy center (Eisenhower 011).  The packet contains information on how to perform basic Excel activities (sorting, using formulas, etc...) and how to use Excel for STAT 350.  Its corresponding web site contains the same information in the packet and contains video (with audio) demonstrations.  A CD of the web site may be purchased from the Information Technology Assistance Center (ITAC) in Hale 313.  


Grades will be based upon the following:

   Percent of grade
1 Comprehensive Final 25%
3 Tests (lowest score dropped) 50%
Projects, Quizzes, etc... 25%

Grading Scale:

A 90-100%
B 80-89%
C 70-79%
D 60-69%
F Below 60%

Click here for an example grade calculation. 

A project completed in an illegible or unprofessional manner will be returned to the student. The project may be redone and turned in again; however, points will be deducted from the grade.

No late assignments, projects, etc... will be accepted.

If you miss a test or quiz:

Since your lowest test score is dropped, your first missed test is your drop test.  If you miss more than one test, come to my office hours to discuss the situation.  Bring any documented proof needed to support your case. 

No “make-up” quizzes are allowed for students missing class.  If you miss a quiz, the lost points may be recovered by doing the extra credit on projects. 

Note that this policy includes class absences that are “university excused” or due to extenuating circumstances. 

How to be successful in the course

To be successful in this course, I strongly suggest you should:

  1. Take all exams
  2. Complete all projects
  3. Understand the material in the course lecture notes  
  4. Understand how to do all Excel calculations discussed during class
  5. Complete all homework
  6. Read the corresponding sections of Sincich as we cover the course material  

If you have problems with completing any of the above, please ask questions in class, stop by during my office or virtual office hours, post a message to the message board, or ask a GTA in the help session room.








© 1998 Christopher R. Bilder