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Statistics 5910 - 1 credit hour
S Programming
Summer 2002


Name: Christopher R. Bilder, Ph.D.
Office: MS 301G
Office hours: 1/2 hour before & after class and by appointment
Personal website:
STAT 5910 website:


Venables, W. N. and Ripley, B. D. (2000). S Programming. Springer-Verlag: New York.


Students need to be able to duplicate in S-Plus the information presented on slides 1-42 of my “Who wants to become an S-Plus user?” 10-4-01 seminar.  The seminar PowerPoint slides can be downloaded from


Grades will be based upon the following:

  Percent of grade
Attendance 40%
Book review 30%
Participation in class discussions 30%

Grading Scale:

A 90-100%
B 80-89%
C 70-79%
D 60-69%
F Below 60%

Computer Usage

The statistical computer software packages, S-Plus and R, will be used extensively in this class.  R can be downloaded for free from  S-Plus is available in all university computer labs.  In addition, S-Plus may be obtained by students FREE of charge from the university. Contact Carol Reed (MSCS 113 or to obtain a copy.

My expectations of students

Students should spend 5-10 hours preparing for each class meeting.  This will involve reading the assigned pages of the book (and sometimes other sources), trying out the example S code, and preparing comments and questions.  During the class meeting, students are expected to fully participate in the discussion of the book.  All students will complete a book review detailing the good and bad qualities of the book in a similar format to reviews given journals.        


© 2002 Christopher R. Bilder