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Christopher R. Bilder, Ph.D.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Department of Statistics
340 Hardin Hall, East Campus
Lincoln, NE 68583-0963
Phone: (402) 472-2903
Website: www.chrisbilder.com

STAT 875 Home Chapter Materials Discussion Graded Materials Schedule

Welcome to the STAT 875 course website!

This website is open to my students in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's STAT 875 course (Categorical Data Analysis) and anyone else interested in learning about the analysis of categorical data. The chapter materials (lecture notes, homework, ...) are structured with respect to my book:

Bilder, C. and Loughin, T. (2014). Analysis of Categorical Data with R. CRC Press. 

The schedule web page also provides videos of what takes place in the classroom during my class. This includes live-action video of me teaching the course that is synchronized with what appears on my computer screen.


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