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Downloading and Uncompressing Zipped Files

Many of the downloadable files on my website are greater than 1.4MB in size (the size of a 3 ½ inch diskette).  Since these files may not fit on a diskette and take a long time to download over a modem, I have compressed (reduced in size) files greater than 1.4MB in size. 

To download a file that may be an “executable zipped” file, click on the hyperlink for a file.  For example, suppose I want to download Section 14.5’s class notes.  I would click on 14.5 on the schedule web page.  If the file is an executable zipped file, the file download dialog box will appear and a .EXE extension will be on the file.   The file needs to be saved to the computer’s hard drive or a diskette.  If the Save this program to disk option is not chosen, choose that option.  Click OK to download the file. 


A new dialog box will appear asking you where you want to save the file.  For this example, I chose to save the file to the Desktop.  Once the location to save the file is selected, a downloading dialog box will appear to update you on the status of the download. 

Once the download is complete, go to the directory where the file was saved (this may involve using Windows Explorer).  Since I saved the file to the Desktop, I can just go to the Desktop of the computer.  Double-click on the file name to start the unzipping (decompressing or extracting) process.  A dialog box will appear giving copyright information about the program that unzips the file. 


Click OK and another dialog box will appear to unzip the file. 


Specify the directory where you want the file to go to.  For this example, I chose the Desktop.  Once the directory is chosen, click Unzip to unzip the file.  The unzipped file (in this case, the Word document containing Section 14.5’s class notes) will now appear in the directory that you chose.   You may now open the file like you would normally.

Note that I saved the file as an “executable zip” file so that you do not need any special software to unzip file.  For more information on zip files, go to www.winzip.com.  On this website, you may download their WinZip program for free.  

In constructing this web page, Internet Explorer 5.0 was used for some of the dialog boxes and screen captures.  Students with other versions of Internet Explorer or students who use Netscape may have different looking dialog boxes and screens.  





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