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The table below contains a tentative schedule for this semester and is updated weekly to correspond to topics covered in class.  Underlined text in the table are links to zipped Word2002 files of the corresponding project or class notes.  Make sure that you can duplicate ALL of the in-class SAS work!

Last update: 5/1/03

Class Date Day Activities
1 1/14 Tuesday Introduction, Project #1 given, Project #1 due on Friday, 1/17 by 2PM
2 1/21 Tuesday Introduction
3 1/28 Tuesday Introduction, Simple data summary, Project #2 given
4 2/4 Tuesday Simple data summary, Graphing, Remember: Project #2 is due on Friday 2/7 by 2PM
5 2/11 Tuesday Graphing, Project #3 given
6 2/18 Tuesday Graphing, More data summary
7 2/25 Tuesday More data summary, Project #3 due at the beginning of class; Review for midterm
8 3/4 Tuesday Midterm
9 3/11 Tuesday Data step
  3/18 Tuesday No class (spring break)
10 3/25 Tuesday Data step, Other topics, Project #4 given
11 4/1 Tuesday Macros - Since I will be at the ENAR meetings in Tampa, FL, Dr. Carla Goad will be teaching this class
12 4/8 Tuesday Macros, Analyst, Project #5 given, Remember: Project #4 due on 4/11 by 2PM
13 4/15 Tuesday Analyst, Output Delivery System
14 4/22 Tuesday Output Delivery System, Other topics, Project #5 due
15 4/29 Tuesday Evaluations, final exam review, virtual class at 1PM
16 5/6 Tuesday Final exam at 10:00-11:50AM



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