Picture of Chris Bilder

Christopher R. Bilder, Ph.D.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Department of Statistics
340 Hardin Hall North, East Campus  
Lincoln, NE 68583-0963
Phone: (402) 472-2903
Website: www.chrisbilder.com
E-mail:  and

STAT 950 Home Topic Materials Discussion Graded Materials Schedule


  1. Assignment #1, Answers
  2. Assignment #2, Answers
  3. Assignment #3, mosquitos.csv, Answers
  4. Assignment #4, Answers
  5. Assignment #5, wind_speed.csv, Answers




  1. Aimee Schwab: slides, code.r, video, assignment, answers
  2. Trevor Hefley: slides, video, assignment, answers, tutorial video #1, tutorial video #2

Student documents:

  1. Perl presentation, Assignment, programs.zip, exercise3.pl (added after .zip file was posted); Answers
  2. Matlab presentation, Assignment, proj_part1_code.m, proj_part2_code.m, Document_appendices.docx, Answers
  3. Python presentation, Assignment, programs.zip, Answers
  4. Genetic algorithm presentation, Assignment, Genetic Algorithm supplementary notes.docx, Example1_birthwieght_with_hand.R, Example 2_birthweight_best fit.R, smallbabies_data.txt, Answers
  5. BigMemory presentation, Assignment, example.zip, Answers
  6. Metropolis-Hastings algorithm presentation, Assignment, Project_Metropolis.R, stress.csv, Answers
  7. Julia presentation, Julia_programs.zip, time.R, Assignment, gasoline.csv, Answers
  8. C++ and Rcpp presentation, Assignment, Code_Presentation.zip, Answers

Assignment network


  1. Day #1 quiz - Available on Blackboard


  1.  Formula sheet, midterm_program.R, Answers