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Downloading Files

Word and Excel files are available for download throughout the web site.  To determine if the file is a Word or Excel file, just position the mouse over the hyperlink to the file.  Files with a .doc extension are Word files, and files with a .xls extension are Excel files.  For more on files with .exe extensions, go to the Unzipping web page. 

To download a Word or Excel file using Internet Explorer, click on a hyperlink to that file.  The file will automatically open in your web browser.  To save the file, click on File>Save As and specify the location where you want to save the file. 

To download a Word or Excel file using Netscape, click on a hyperlink to that file.  In this example, I chose to download Section 17.1s class notes from the schedule web page.  A dialog box similar to below may come up. 

If this dialog box comes up, choose the Save it to disk option and click on OK.  A new dialog box will appear asking you where you want to save the file.  For this example, I chose to save the file to the Desktop. 


Once the location to save the file is selected, a downloading dialog box will appear to update you on the status of the download.  After the file is downloaded, the file will now appear in the directory that you chose.  

Note that many of the downloadable files on my website are greater than 1.4MB in size (the size of a 3 inch diskette).  Since these files may not fit on a diskette and take a long time to download over a modem, I have compressed (reduced in size) files greater than 1.4MB in size.  See the Unzipping web page for more information on these files. 


1998 Christopher R. Bilder